Churchill Hume




As one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups, we know that it takes a distinct perspective to make a meaningful difference chatear con chicas to our clients’ business and wealth.


We provide M&A, strategy and financing advice, as well as investment and wealth management solutions работа в москве to large institutions, families, individuals and governments, worldwide.


Having been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for over 50 years, we can rely on an unrivalled global network of trusted professionals and decision makers. This means that we have in-depth market intelligence, bringing us closer to current issues than any other global financial institution.


We have a strong track record of outstanding execution in three business lines: Global Advisory, Wealth and Asset Management, and Merchant Banking. 


It is this combination of scale, local knowledge and intellectual capital that allows us to provide a distinct perspective and effective long-term solutions for our partners.



About Churchill Hume

With more than 50 years experience in Global Advisory and Wealth Management, Churchill Hume provides advisory services to companies, individuals, s rencontre gay haute corse overeign wealth funds and governments.

Clients trust that our perspectives are rooted in depth of experience. But this doesn’t stop our talented teams in over 40 countries around the globe from objectively researching and tailoring every solution to serve our clients’ needs. The advice we give and the solutions we develop are considered, strategic, and focused on the long-term.

We treat our clients’ challenges with the same care and responsibility that we apply to our own business and money. We see integrity and empathy as the basis of long-term trusted relationships and a progressive business. This is reflected in an extraordinary personal commitment to our clients’ challenges and consistently high execution standards in everything we do.


Our Services

Global Advisory

An impartial and insightful perspective on M&A, strategy and financing advisory to help our clients formulate and achieve their strategic goals.


Wealth Management

An independent long-term perspective on investing, structuring and safeguarding assets, creating innovative investment solutions to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth.





As trusted advisers to numerous business leaders and their families, our mission is to help our clients fulfil their professional and financial plans.


We know how important it is to build long-term, trusted relationships based on mutual understanding: this helps us serve our clients’ interests as effectively as possible. Each of our recommendations is carefully thought out and considered from a long-term perspective.


The quality of our advice is of the utmost importance to us, and risk management is integral to each step of our decision-making process. We make sure that our recommendations are right for our clients, and that they are implemented effectively.


Our network of banking industry’s best professionals, which means we can be agile, adjusting our approach and our services to our clients’ specific situations and their short-, medium- and long-term objectives. Our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit guide our efforts to find unique solutions.

Close Relationships

We take an entrepreneurial approach, getting to know our clients, understanding their objectives and plans and gauging their current expectations, while responding as those expectations develop over time. This means that we can consistently provide the right advice and solutions.